* quick search for programmes in foreign languages for 2017/2018 academic year for candidates who enrol pursuant to the rules other then applicable to Polish nationals. Full study offer at www.erk.uj.edu.pl

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Jagiellonian University offers programmes taught in foreign languages on all levels: first- and long-cycle, second-cycle, third-cycle, and non-degree post diploma.

Full study offer and description of programmes can be found at www.erk.uj.edu.pl in catalogue 2016/2011 » programmes in foreign languages.

Information about the general admission rules for those programmes may be found under the links below:

Jagiellonian University is not only the oldest university in Poland, proud of its rich traditions. It is also a very modern school that embraces changes occurring in the world we live in. In order to live up to our candidate's expectations and to answer new tendencies on the job market JU widens its study offer every year.

First-cycle (licencjat) new programmes offer in 2017/2018 academic year now includes European Studies, specialty European Politics and Society in a Global Context—full-time programme carried out in English by the Faculty of International and Political Studies.