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Ending September application round for foreigners and for programmes in foreign languages

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 is the last day of the last, September application round for:

  • the non-Polish nationals who enrol pursuant to the rules other than applicable to Polish nationals for the first year of full-time and part-time graduate (long- and second- cycle) and undergraduate (first-cycle) programmes carried out in Polish and
  • all candidates irrespective of their citizenship and the application rules they follow for the first year of undergraduate (first-cycle) and graduate (second- cycle) programmes carried out in foreign languages.

Confirm your registration

Remember that if you want your registration to be confirmed and taken into consideration during admissions, the correct payment of your application fee (in correct currency chosen during registration) as well as sending all required documents to the University is necessary. How to pay application fee and not to make a mistake you can read here.

Undergraduate (first- and long-cycle) study programmesdocument necessary for the confirmation of registration for the undergraduate (first- and long-cycle) study programmes is a maturity certificate (its scan) and if by the time of the registration confirmation deadline the candidate does not yet possess such certificate, a scanned document of certificate issued by granted institution that confirms candidate's right to apply for study programmes in all type of higher education institutions in the country of issue and contains candidate's results.

Graduate (second-cycle) study programmes—to confirm their registration for graduate programmes candidate is obliged to present a higher education diploma (its scan; at least undergraduate (licencjat) degree) and if by the time of the registration confirmation deadline the candidate does not yet possess such certificate, a certificate issued by the granting institution confirming completion of higher education final examination (diploma examination) and containing information of holder's right to apply for graduate programmes in the country of issue, together with final examination grade, diploma dissertation grade and higher education diploma grade.

Register today—the Jagiellonian University awaits—it is your last chance this year!

Published Date: 12.09.2017
Published by: Małgorzata Kozik