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August application round ends soon for 1st, 2nd and long-cycle programmes

Date: 12.09.2017

On Tuesday, 12 September 2017 closes additional August application round for:

(carried out in Polish for candidates who enroll pursuant to the rules applicable to Polish nationals)

All candidates interested in pursuing studies at the Jagiellonian University are welcome to browse the study offer of programmes for which the application is still open, to register in the Online Application System and pay the application fee, by no later than the end of 12 September 2017.

Important information about application fee:

  • Each registration is assigned a different, individual bank account number.
  • If you are applying to several study programmes, each application fee must be paid separately to a different individual bank account number that has been created for the given registration (trivia: last six digits of the bank account number are the same as the OAS number of your registration – this is how you know you're making the payment to the right account).
  • You cannot pay admission fees for several registrations to one account.

Maturity examination and higher education results

First- and long-cycyle programmes: remember that candidates who have obtained their Polish maturity certificate this year are obliged to enter all results from the written part of the examination in the ‘maturity examination results' form in their OAS accounts by no later than 12 September

Second-cycle programmes: deadline for entering higher education results in the Online Application System: diploma, dissertation, final examination grades and grade average is 12 September.

Announcement of results

Announcement of ranking list will take place on Friday, 15 September 2017 late in the afternoon in candidates' OAS account.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate education at the JU, come and apply!

Published Date: 12.09.2017
Published by: Małgorzata Kozik