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Registration and enrolment for the same programme of study

If you are a JU student and you plan to apply for more than one programme of study, you need to pay attention to the following provision. Enrolment into the programme of study where you are already enrolled, if it is the same mode of study (full- or part-time) and the same Faculty is not permitted, even if you would only like to enrol into a second specialty of the same programme.

The decision on admission to the same programme, taught in the same mode, would be a second decision issued in the same subject matter, which is in conflict with the Article 156(1)(3) of the Act of 14 June 1960 Code of Administrative Proceedings (Dz.U. 2013.267 j.t.).

Even though the OAS will not block your registration as you complete if (e.g. because we are not sure what your status will be a couple of weeks ahead, perhaps you will have submitted your resignation by the time of enrolment), but the USOS will block the enrolment procedure.

Therefore a student who intends to apply again for a programme and mode where they are already enrolled should first be removed from the list of students, in particular as a result of their written resignation, and the procedure should be completed by no later than the date of the “Announcement of ranking list”. (For this reason, it is not acceptable to file a resignation at the moment of enrolment.)

Form of such resignation is available on the  Teaching and Student Affairs Support Centre website.

Resignation should be submitted to the school office well ahead of time, accounting for the time of delivery of the decision of removal from the list of students.