New study programmes

Jagiellonian University is proud of its rich traditions and also a very modern school that embraces changes occurring in the world we live in. In order to live up to our candidate's expectations and to answer new tendencies on the job market JU widens its study offer every year.

What's new in 2017/2018?

undergraduate (first-cycle)

—programmes conducted in Polish:

—programmes conducted in English:

  • European Studies, specialty European Politics and Society in a Global Context (Faculty of International and Political Studies), full-time programme

    The first-cycle (BA) degree in European Studies: specialty in European Politics and Society in a Global Context at the Centre for European Studies of the Jagiellonian University is an interdisciplinary programme aimed to equip students with fundamental understanding of the relations between the various sub-disciplines of European Studies (law, political science, economics, history, the social sciences, and cultural studies. Students gain core knowledge of European politics, culture and society, whilst emphasizing Europe’s role in a wider global framework. To complete the programme successfully student has to earn 180 ECTS in 6 semesters. Programme is taught entirely in English. Students benefit from possibility to study abroad within Erasmus+ and CEEPUS programmes.

  • Studies in Central and Eastern Europe: Histories, Cultures and Societies (Faculty of History), full-time programme

    Studies in Central and Eastern Europe: Histories, Cultures and Societies is a new English-language course directed mainly to young people from Central and Eastern Europe but also to everybody interested in learning about the mechanisms governing in the region. Education program is contructed in such a way that students have opportunity, during 3-year studies, to wildely develop their skills and extend knowledge. The goal of the field is to educate specialist in history, anthropology, ethnology and political science of the region, who will get their education in the English language. The studies provide not only theoretical knowledge, but also basic abilities that will enable the students to analyse local phenomena in the past as well as in present time. The programme includes classes concerning history, anthropology, ethnology and political sciences of Central and Eastern Europe with a special emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries. It encompasses classes on important substantive issues as well as classes aimed at perfecting the research technique. Students will be provided access to internship in both public institutions and private companies interesting in understanding of the phenomenon of the region, training in soft skills, interpersonal skills and self-organizing skills, in-depth training in team work (including team leadership), project planning and proposal writing, formal and informal presentation of ideas and research result (including IT), as well as the ability to write professional essays and contributions.

graduate (second-cycle)

—programmes conducted in Polish:

doctoral (third-cycle)

—programmes conducted in English

  • biological sciences » biology, ecology (Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences), full-time programme

    The full-time study programme is offered in English and lasts four years. Students prepare their doctoral theses in the disciplines of biology or ecology (research is pursued under the supervision of faculty members of the Institute of Botany, Institute of Environmental Sciences or Institute of Zoology and Biomedical Research): anthropology, ecosystem studies, biochemistry, biology of reproduction, biodiversity, evolutionary ecology, ecotoxicology, endocrinology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, mycology, neurobiology, oncology, taxonomy, management of natural resources and others.

Up-to-date JU study offer, programme description, detailed  information about qualification rules, places available and admission schedule may be found upon browsing 2018/2019 study catalogue at the OAS website.