Going away on holidays? Remember to leave a power of attorney!

You apply for programme at JU: you set up an OAS account, choose a programme and register, pay application fee, and wait until the results are announced. One could think that being notified about being qualified for admission is when the admission process ends. There is, however, one more thing to take care of before you become a Jagiellonian University student. You need to enrol, which needs to be done in person. 

If you can come in person within the given deadline to deliver the required documents, everything should go smoothly. But what if you will not be able to bring the documents yourself?

You can appoint a representative who will take care of the formal aspect of the enrolment in your name.

Power of attorney template.

To do so, they will need a set of documents including:

  • complete set of documents required upon enrolment, list of which can be found in the ‘required documents' tab in the study card in catalogue at www.erk.uj.edu.pl as well as on the application form itself;
  • power of attorney signed by the candidate—template can be found above;
  • their ID and the notarized copy of the identity document (identity card or passport) of the candidate for the study programme, or copy authenticated by the issuing authority, or with the original document.

REMEMBER: without a full set of documents enlisted above the enrolment will not be possible. If you already know that you will not be able to enrol in person—think ahead and prepare the documents for your representative.