'S' and 'N' symbolsInformation for all candidates for programmes carried out in foreign languages.Second-cycle programmes

'S' and 'N' symbolsInformation provided in this part of the website applies to all candidates, regardless of the rules on basis of which they apply for admission, for programmes taught in foreign languages. More information on choosing set of application rules can be found here.

To apply for second-cycle studies candidates have to hold a diploma of graduation from at least first-cycle programme or another document, either deemed equal with an appropriate Polish diploma, or giving its holder right to undertake second-cycle studies in the country of issuance.

These programmes at the Jagiellonian University result in award of the Magister (Master) title. They take two years to complete and may only be taken up full-time.

Study programme offer includes the following programmes:

carried out in English:

  • MA in Asian studies » Asia-Europe Relations: Exploring Bussines Opportunities
  • MA in Cultural Studies » TransAtlantic Studies
  • MA in European Studies »
    • Euroculture,
    • Central and Eastern European Studies,
    • Central and Eastern European Studies: Research Track,
    • Europeanisation and Governance in Central and Eastern Europe,
    • Europeanisation and Governance in Central and Eastern Europe (Consortium of Jagiellonian University, University of Tartu—double degree programme),
    • EU studies,
    • European Governance (Consortium of Jagiellonian University, University of Kent—double degree programme),
    • European Studies / Central and Eastern European Studies / Europeanisation and Governance in CEE (Consortium of Jagiellonian University and Kobe University—double degree programme),
    • European Studies / Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies (Consortium of Jagiellonian University, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa—double degree programme),
    • Studies in the Holocaust and Totalitarian Systems,
  • MA in International Relations » Europe in the Visegrad Perspective
  • MA in Management » Business and Finance Management
  • MA in Mathematics » Pure and applied mathematics
  • MSc in Ecology and Evolution
  • MSc in Molecular Biotechnology
  • The Interdisciplinary MA Programme in Polish Studies, Jewish Studies and History

carried out in Polish and Ukrainian:

  • MA in Cultural Studies » Polish-Ukrainian Studies. European perspective

Full offer of study programmes carried out in foreign languages at the Jagiellonian University, together with formal requirements, qualification rules, required documents, and fees can be found at www.erk.uj.edu.pl.