'S' and 'N' symbolsInformation for all candidates for programmes carried out in foreign languages.Third-cycle programmes

'S' and 'N' symbolsInformation provided in this part of the website applies to all candidates, regardless of the rules on basis of which they apply for admission, for programmes taught in foreign languages. More information on choosing set of application rules can be found here.

The Jagiellonian University draws the attention of young researchers, thanks to its history, full of world-changing breakthroughs, as well as with the constantly developed research infrastructure, allowing for conducting world-class research in the heart of Poland. Our laboratories, lecture halls, and libraries accommodate more researchers looking for a home for their first individual research projects. It is them for whom we are working on opening doctoral study programmes in foreign languages. Currently we hold the following doctoral study programmes available in English:

  • International PhD studies in medical sciences: health and medical sciences » health sciences, medicine, medical biology, dentistry (Faculty of Medicine)
  • PhD Programme in Biology: biological sciences » biology, ecology (Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences)
  • physical studies » astronomy (Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science)
  • physical studies » biophysics (Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science)
  • physical studies » physics (Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science)
  • The PhD Programme in Comparative Literature: the humanities » literature studies (Faculty of Polish Studies)

If you are interested in pursuing doctoral studies in English, but they are not enlisted above, please contact us at rekrutacja@uj.edu.pl and we will see if this is possible.

Admission procedure for most doctoral programmes look exactly the same way for all candidates, no matter their citizenship and rules for admission.

Follow the link to this part of the website: Third-cycle study programmes to be introduced to the detailed admission schedule, step by step admission guide, description of elements possibly taken into account in admission, and required documents.